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Join Me In Boston at BLC11Wanted to send this invitation out to all of those people who will be spending next week in Boston at Alan November's BLC11. Please be sure to stop by one of my sessions and say hello! I will be present three different sessions including1. No Future Left Behind... Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Converge... Learn... Create2. Storybook Adventures in Project Based Learning... Plugging Technology and Resources into PBLSTEM to STEAM to STEAMIE... Turning Up The Temperature on STEM Educatio


Free Webinar

Learn, Create, and Innovate with Scratch! - Michael Gorman
Moderated by Steve Dembo and Hall Davidson
November 30, 7 PM ET
For Educators (all grade levels)

How can you incorporate the arts into STEM? Scratch, a free programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab, allows students to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art As your students work on Scratch projects, they will learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also collaborating with others and sharing their work through the worldwide web. In this webinar Michael Gorman will introduce Scratch, show some beginning basics, give student examples, and show how Scratch can be applied across the curriculum. He will also take you on a tour of the Scratch site and other sites built to get you and your students started. You will discover how to get students a basic beginning and later get them involved in animation, drawing, interactive art, games, math, music, simulations, and even a possible contest. While this webinar will only "scratch" the surface, it will provide the foundation to incorporate Scratch into your curriculum and get students excited about STEM.

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Kidblog: Kids Blogging...Teacher Supervision... And It's Free!
Imagine a blog hosting service that was built for classroom teachers and their students. Contemplate a service that was designed specifically for teachers who want to provide each student with his or her own unique blog. Think about a blog site that allows teachers to monitor and control all publishing activity within the classroom blogging community and does not require student email accounts. Reflect on a blog development team led by a facilitator who has 18 years of combined web development and classroom teaching experience. If this pondering of thoughts appeals to your left brain, while freeing all the possibilities that your right brain generates for classroom engaging activities, then a visit to Kidblog is essential! Kidblog claims that it is kid safe. I have included Kidblog's own words below! Read The rest of the story at 21centuryedtech Blog .


Michael Gorman Presentations, In-service, Keynotes 2010-2011 - contact Mike for Info on presentations, keynotes, and inservice opportunities

January 26, 2010 NICE - Chicago, IL
February 27, 2010 ICE - St Charles, IL
February 12, 2010 Wichita Collegiate In-service, Wichita, KS
March 4, 2010 - Seedlings Podcast, ME
May 12, 2010 ISTE Webinar - Eugene, OR
June 26 - 30 ISTE Presentation - Denver, CO
July 12 - 16 - Alan Novenber BLC Presentation and Facilitation - Boston MA
August 02-06, 2010 - National STEM Institute Facilitator - Silver Springs, MD
August 10 - Webinar Presentation - Paducah, ID
August 12, 2010 - DeKalb Eastern Beginning Of The Year Tech Keynote - Butler, IN
September 2, 2010 - Fort Wayne Chapter US Air Force Lunch Keynote - Fort Wayne, IN
September 15, 2010 - NE Indiana TOPS PBL Initiative Presentation - Columbia City, IN
October 04, 2010 - NCA Conference Presentation - Indianapolis, IN
October 04, 2010 - IMSLA Conference - Franklin, IN
October 13, 2010 - Schwab Foundation Presentation - Fort Wayne, IN
October 14 - 15, 2010 - ICE Conference Presentation - Indianapolis, IN
October 20, 2010 - ENA Road Show Presentation - Kendallville, IN
October 28, 2010 - Columbus Keynote and Inservice - Columbus, IN
November 10, 2010 - Futile Resistance Conference Webinar Presentation - Dallas, TX
November 16, 2010 - IMSPBLN Keynote and Presentation - Indianapolis, IN
November 18, 2010 - Cardinal Ritter Keynote Presentation - Indianapolis, IN
November 20, 2010 - Indiana Air Force Association Lunch Keynote - Indianapolis, IN
November 30, 2010 - Siemens Discovery Webinar - Fort Wayne, IN, Chicago, IL., Los Angeles, CA
December 06-07, 2010 - CELL Conference Presentation - Indianapolis, IN

January 11, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) - Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, IN
January 15, 2011 Future City Facilitation Regional Competition - Fort Wayne, IN
January 18, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) - Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, IN
January 22, 2011 - Science Virtual Conference - Fort Wayne, IN
January 25, 2011 Indiana DOE/ICE Webinar Series Moderator (Google Apps) - Indianapolis, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, IN
January 25, 2011 Indiana Conference On Learning Presentation - Indianapolis, IN
January 25, 2011 STEM Institute Fellows Webinar
January 29, 2011 NICE Conference Presentations - Chicago, IL
February 05, 2011 - Education Best Practices Showcase - Fort Wayne, IN
February 08-10, 2011 - PBL Training - Syracuse, NY
February 15, 2011 - Indianapolis Chapter United States Air Force Association Dinner - Carmel, IN
March 14-16, 2011 - MEC Conference Presentations - Tempe, AZ
March 17-19, 2011 - CUE Conference Presentations - Palm Springs, CA
April 01, 2011 - Future Educators Keynote - Indianapolis, IN
April 20, 2011 - ISTE Webinar Presentation - Eugene, OR and Fort Wayne, IN
May 18, 2011 - ISTE Webinar Presentation - Eugene, OR and Fort Wayne, IN
June 25-29, 2011 - ISTE Conference Presentations - Philadelphia, PA
July 24-29, 2011 - BLC 2011 Facilitation/Presentation - Boston, MA
July 31 - August 5 - National STEM Institute - Washington DC
August 08 - August 10 - PBL Workshop East Allen County Schools - Fort Wayne, IN
August 26 - August 28 - PBL Workshop Wayne County Schools - Detroit, MI

2012 (As 0f 01/01/2012)
January 25, 2012 - EdTech Webinar PBL/Technology
January 28, 2012 - NICE Convention - Chicago, IL
February 04, 2012 - Board Retreat - Fort Wayne, IN
February 17, 2012 - SACS In-service - Fort Wayne, IN
February 25, 2012 - Board Retreat - Fort Wayne
March 03, 2011 - Education Best Practices Showcase - Fort Wayne, IN
March 10, 2012 - ICE Retreat - Indianapolis, IN
March 23-25, 2012 - Follett New Leaf Conference - Chicago, IL
March 29-31, 2012 - PBL Training - Grand Rapids, MI
April 11 - 12, 2012 - PBL Academy - New Orleans, LA
May 04, 2012 - Tech & Learning Forum - Chicago, IL
June 05-07, 2012 - PBL Training Nashville, TN
June 18-22, 2012 - PBL Conference - Napa, CA
June 23-27, 2012 - ISTE Conference - San Diego, CA
June 28-29, 2012 - MCB - San Diego, CA
July 15-20, 2012 - BLC12 Conference - Boston, MA
July 29- August 03 - National STEM Institute - Washington D.C.
September 17, 2012 - Conference Iowa

Presentations Include:

Welcome To The Future... Free and Inexpensive Resources With Rich Results
No Future Left Behind... Seven Step Approach To Educational Transformation
Digital Natives and Digital Natives.... Converge, Learn, Create
A Storybook Of Project Based Learning... Ten Chapters Of Technology Integration
Scratch... Transform... Remix...Innovate
Are There Really Whales In Lake Michigan? Evaluating Web Pages... An A-G Approach
The Googal In Google: Basic to Advanced In Full Speed, 3D, High Def Color!
The Process of PBL and 21 Century Education... It's Not The Content, But It Does Make Content Happen

Michael J. Gorman (organizer) -Michael is available for presentations, inservice, and consulting - ) - A big thank you to those thousands of people who visit this web site every month. In eight short months the resources continue to grow along with my commitment to contributing to the transformation of education for the 21st Century. Please consider joining the Wiki, it's free! I plan to start a monthly newsletter in the future with the best of new additions to the site. By joining we can collaborate together to grow 21st Century Education! Also, please pass on this site to other colleagues, be sure to bookmark in your favorite social bookmark site, and add it as a link on a page you work with. As always, please feel free to contact me anytime. I make it a practice to answer all emails - Thanks, and Welcome To The Future Of Education - Mike (mgorman@sacs.k12.in.us)