Michael Gorman

Welcome to this page devoted to educational transformation and 21st Century learning. The creation and updating of this wiki is a true adventure and has paved the way for many new experiences in my support of Twenty-First Century Education. I have had the recent pleasure of working with my Johns Hopkins University Cohort and the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) studying educational supervision, transformation, and technology. I have also have had the opportunity to work at an amazing middle school just outside Fort Wayne, Indiana filled with outstanding teachers, students, and parents. In the past year I have had the opportunity to visit the New Tech High Schools in Napa and Sacramento, California. I have attended conferences in Washington DC, San Antonio, Indianapolis, Austin, Chicago,and Orlando. I had the privilege of attending a reception at the Library of Congress after captaining a team of educators on a trip to Capitol Hill in a quest for 21st century education support. I have learned from fellow cohort members and professionals as close as Indiana and Michigan, to those farther away in the states of New Mexico and Virginia, and even some from another hemisphere in Poland and the United Arab Emirates.
Past speaking engagements have included incorporation of NETS Standards, 21st Century Learning, and Project Based Learning at the NECC 09 Conference in Washington D.C., Alan November's BLC09 Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, National Middle School Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, CELL09 in Indianapolis, ICE in Illinois, NICE in Chicago, Indiana Middle School PBL Network in Indianapolis, and the Fort Wayne Education Business Summit in Fort Wayne. I have also been interviewed as part of a podcast at Seedlings in Maine.
As I reflect on my work, I feel that I have pursued advocating for an educational system that is student centered. I have often felt that in the educational classroom subjects are not taught, but rather students are. I initiated, and am currently facilitating, a program known as Integrated Solutions Block (ISB). It is a program that integrates technology, project based learning, and 21st Century skill development with the academic core curriculum. It has a constant impact throughout the year on over 950 students at the middle school where I work. I have made it an ongoing mission to work with teachers and administrators at local, regional, and state levels to promote such practices. It has been a privilege to present this innovative program to interested area educators, superintendents, Indiana Department of Education officials, and even the Governor of Indiana.
It will continue to be my constant goal to provide avenues for students to learn through engaging activities that allow various learning styles to be employed. I will continue this mission as I have become involved with new colleagues across the county, state, nation and world. My involvement with Johns Hopkins has allowed further reflection and definition, and has provided pertinent information as I continue to facilitate for both teachers and students the creation of effective and engaging learning communities for all stakeholders. Please feel free to explore the links on the left where I share opportunities for you to become engaged with Twenty-first Century learning. I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.