Google SketchUp is a free program available from the people at Google. It is a great resource for the classroom with connections to Math, Science, and with its integration with Google Earth, Social Studies. The internet has a vast supply of lessons and ideas. Twenty-first century skills and STEM related activities are a natural outcome of SketchUp. While there are other CAD type programs available for K12 education, Google SketchUp provides educators with a resource that is rich in application and curricular integration opportunities at no cost. Visit the Google SketchUp Download Site to install SketchUp 7.0 for free on your computer (Windows and Mac) and computers in your classroom. Encourage students to download at home so they can work on projects and activities both at school and at home.

Tutorials for Teachers and Students
The best way to learn a program is to read, watch a tutorial, and practice. I have included links to some of the best SketchUp Tutorials I have found. These tutorials are a part of the YouTube Collection and are made by the people that know SketchUp the best, the group at Google. I have created some Word Documents that you can use to accompany these tutorials. They integrate nicely with the tutorials by helping students record main ideas, learn techniques, and create practice files. They also allow for accountability as students learn either independently or collaboratively. Google has already supplied some great video, I hope my accompanying documents assist you in instruction and students in learning. Feel free to send students and teachers to this page to access and learn.

SketchUp New User Tutorials - Four videos from Google and a set of accompanying documents that I have written to assist new users in getting started with SketchUp.
Download this SketchUp New User Part 1 -4 Document . Fill it out as you watch each of the four videos.

The links below will take you to each Teacher Tube Video. When done watching video click on backspace to return to the Wiki

Videos - Part 1 Concepts Part 2 Drawings Part 3 Modify Part 4 Chair