The We The People program has involved nearly 30 million students since 1987. Studies by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Stanford University reveal that students who are engaged in this curriculum outperformed comparison students on every topic studied.The We The People Web Site has a Twenty-first Century interface allowing for a great deal of multimedia and a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach that allows for the differentiation of instruction. At Woodside Middle School, all eighth graders are engaged in this process which results in a public hearing. Before this hearing, however, there is a great amount of student collaboration and community interaction. The final assessment is authentic and the end result goes beyond a study of civics education. Standards emphasized come from social studies, langauge arts, technology, and 21st Century skills. This year the Woodside Tech Lab will be incorporating the integration of Moodle with We The People in order to extend student collaboration beyond the school walls and into the extended community.

Link to the We The People Web Site sponsored by the Center For Civics Education.

The We The People Website has a number of podcasts that can be subscribed to and can be used to differentiate instruction.

Research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the program