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Ten Great iPad Resources You Do Not Want To MIss
Read below and discover ten more sites that will bring out your need to keep filling the memory chip or your iPad, iTouch, or iPhone!

1. The iPhone Application List – While this site has numerous categories for apps, I have directed you to a portion of the site that contains about 100 apps both free and for purchase. You can select between free and paid. Each app is click-able allowing the reader to view description, posting date, and a link to the download.

2. The iPad Pilot Project – A page filled with resources and so much more. This wiki has categories you will want to explore. There are three separate links leading to apps for elementary, middle, and high school. Don’t stop there! Make sure you explore other links including digital textbooks, challenges and successes, setting up carts, mobile management, other school districts, andarticles/blogs. Also make sure you visit eMobilize (a sister site) where you will learn about mobile computing standards, curriculum, logistics, management, and use/care. The iPad pilot project is sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology in the School District of Palm Beach . It is administered on the department’s wiki by John Shoemaker, Melissa McBride, and John Long.

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*Eleven More Amazing iPad Resources
If you thought the prior ten were great.... then check out these next eleven resources. You will find resources including a slideshow, spreadsheet, PDF booklets, blog and wiki information, and lots of website information. These are eleven more sites you need to visit!

1. iPads For Learning – Our first stop is The Department Of Education And Early Childhood Development in Victoria, Australia. Be sure to explore the link Why The iPad along with some interesting Case Studies. The biggest treasure may be an awesome 36 page publication on 21 Steps To iPad Success. Thought that was good? How about a 41 page publication on Classroom Ideas! Just when you think you have all the information you will need it may be time to finally discover all of the Educational Apps… Wow! Don’t forget to look over all of the helpful ideas and hints in the Nuts and Bolts Section.

2. Escondido Union School District This is a sortable Google Docs Spreadsheet which has hundreds of apps by various subjects for K-8 students. You will find descriptions, grade levels, and links. Best of all. it includes over 100 apps that are free. You certainly can’t beat that price!

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IEAR - A one stop iPad Educational Resources

I remember the first time I saw the Apple iPad. It was so much more than a cool toy, after all I also remember the Apple Newton. I knew there was no reason to debate whether the iPad had a place in the classroom. It was evident that it was a brilliant and amazing piece of technology for educators and students, regardless that it didn’t have quite enough Flash. If you are a current user of the iPad, exploring its possibilities, or maybe getting ready to implement it in the classroom, then be sure to check out this incredible app. Ok, not an app but a website created for users by users in education.

As I have pondered iPad possibilities for classroom integration and performed my share of app searches, one particular app always keeps showing itself at the head of the class. It was at ISTE in Denver when I saw IEar** (I Education Apps Review) for the very first time I knew I was viewing a site with great potential.

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